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im kind of dead

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 5:54 PM
i mean not literally, ahah;; im in full health i promise but my activity has been hella horrible so
umm i dont really want to leave dA all that bad, but I haven't really been drawing for a rEALLY long time. i doodle but i don't feel like doodles are good enough for this site unless they're on a dump, and i dont really like making dumps(odd for how often i make them ahaha;; )
umm actually i haven't been using the comp. much at all either and thats kind of sad too. i also never got my tablet back from RogueofSpoop (plS SEND IT BACK I NEED MY BABY)

im hoping to regain interest in this website bc i've had a few ideas for like a group??? and i still have all these characters and lovely people i'd lose contact w if i left ; o ; i really don't want to leave or anything but i don't know how much longer this hiatus thing will be?? so. weh //sad
i really dont have much else to say, i hope to regain interest and motivation and the love i once had for this website. i don't really even want to go into art as a career, it's competitive feild and takes a lot of effort, but i'm not even sure what i do want to do with my life yet ///siiiiighhhhh so maybe if i ever figure that out, i'll come back //weeps bad


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dont expect from me this week
1 deviant said //also thinking about just moving to tumblr, da is turning into fb
No deviants said forgot me tablet and me charger
No deviants said so ye
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PokeHost || lmao still not done by Shiiruba
PokeHost || lmao still not done

oops another group already um
lmao ye i love this bae already tho so idk i'll probably draw him a lot b/c he q


[ Full Body ][ Voice Sample ][ Theme Song ]

☯ Name: Vulcan Flaire
☯Nicknames: N/A
☯ Species: #383 Groudon
☯ Age: 19 y/o
☯ Gender: Demiboy
☯ D.O.B: November 1st
☯ Host Type: Cool Tsundere
☯ Personality:
| Quiet || Tsundere || Secretive || Sensitive || Aloof || Reserved || Cautious || Analyzing/Observing |

Vulcan is the kind of guy who wouldn't be the first to strike up a conversation unless he was head over heels in love or had something he really needed to address. He feels that talk is cheap and would rather learn about people by watching them and observing how the interact with others and react to different things. Though talking isn't his favorite activity, he will respond with more than just one word sentences. If he's going to say something, he may as well sound somewhat intelligent right? Wrong -- he wishes he could do that, but usually what comes out is some monotone answer, which is somewhat in-depth, but it's full of profanities too. He's really not very good at expressing himself, unless it's through art. He carries himself confidently, but his head is always facing slightly downward with his eyes shadowed and casted outwards(as in -- to the side) or shifting in different directions.
Though he's not inclined in self expression he is very sensitive to the emotions of others. He can typically sense what people are feeling easily, and he became a host to refine this skill, and possibly his vocabulary and word choice -- it's nothing to be proud of, really~ Fortunately, his temper isn't hard to control, though if provoked on something he's very serious about he'll be the first to throw a punch. Actions speak louder than words in this case, and he doesn't tolerate disrespect. Not only is he quick to start a fight, he'll always stick up for someone. Without words though.

☯ History:
Vulcan grew up in a very sheltered home far from any civilization. He was found as a child, lost in a forest near a very kind Leavanny's home.  Orphaned and alone, the Leavanny decided to raise him with many servants to help if Vulcan was to become a pain or a nuisance. Fortunately for the Leavanny, Vulcan was always very quiet and reserved so he never really had to worry about him running off or making a mess of such a beautiful home. Vulcan's father (The Leavanny) was very rich, but he didn't fancy living the way most wealthy people did. He chose to move far from the city, to a decently sized house in the forest, though the furniture and decor was always very refined and proper looking. He was a man of view, and Vulcan grew up learning how beautiful the land was -- especially when filled with lush growth all around him. It was easy to look at everything in an artistic point of view and draw things out in black and white.  Though his academics were never very impressive, he was allowed to unleash his talent as he grew into a teenager.
He rarely left the house up until that point, when he finally went to an actual class. An art class, but a class with other students nonetheless. He wasn't fond of life drawing though -- just nature. Being out of the house and around other people and civilization awakened a more rebellious side of him though, and he would often end up sneaking out or bribing one of the few butlers to drive him to town so he could see the rest and draw it out later. He became curious of this new world, and wanted to explore it so left his father at a rather early age to live in his apartment. He's in school now, with the rest of the host club, and receives a monthly income from his father whom he still visits occasionally.

☯ Likes/ Dislikes:
+ Quiet
+ Nature
+ Art
+Observing others
+ Spicy foods
+ Bean bags
- Nosy People
- Having to talk about himself
- Trusting strangers
- Not having personal space
- Tacky or uncomfortable couches
- Hard cushions

☯ Sexual Orientation: Straight
☯ Significant Other: N/A
☯ Interests:
> Mysterious/ Hard to read (Sometimes shy people<3)
> Smaller than him
> Soft hair. That's it. Just soft hair.
> Understanding
> A good conversational partner.
> Awkward is okay sometimes. It's cute lmao
> [ TBA ]

:bulletpurple: Relative
:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletgreen: Friend
:bulletorange: Crush
:bulletpink: Love/ Relationship
:bulletred: Discomfort
:bulletblack: Despise

☯ Relationships:
[ N/A ]
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Blasianeko Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist


YO TSUNDERE boy, lets go rp //
Kaddy-Crew Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Student Artist
When you're done I'd love to roleplay! *hugs him* he's a beautiful baby.
alive momentarily //weeps
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No deviants said pls join im lonely
No deviants said Please come to Brazil
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dont expect from me this week 

1 deviant said //also thinking about just moving to tumblr, da is turning into fb
No deviants said forgot me tablet and me charger
No deviants said so ye



helo would u lik e some hot choclatey milk
Thu Aug 14, 2014, 3:54 PM
Mon Feb 18, 2013, 11:50 AM
Fri Jan 18, 2013, 5:04 PM
Sun Jan 13, 2013, 1:12 PM
;-; I love you bro
Sat Nov 3, 2012, 6:20 PM


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blairse Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
your profile looks pumpkin spice flavored and I appreciate that
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VampireFreshBlood Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
AAAGHH <3 Thank you so much for the watch! :iconhandspazzplz:
You have quite a nice galley my friend! ÓuÓ
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Thanks for the fave~
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Thank you so much for the fave!! I really appreciate that! :iconletmehugyouplz:
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